Decrease evictions with AI-powered income verification

Prevent tenant application fraud and reduce review turnaround times by 50% with a Risk Intelligence solution that helps you detect fraudulent applicant documents and verify income in seconds.

Watch out for fraudulent documents

Did you know there was a 300% increase in fraudulent documents detected in 2022? Property management companies are more susceptible than ever to approving tenants that have altered their income and employment details.


GSC saved substantial eviction costs and gets income verification in seconds with Inscribe

saved in avoided eviction costs during the trial period alone
return on investment during a trial period
of documents flagged as fraudulent in a trial period
income verification time
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Why choose Inscribe
Market-leading fraud detection
Inscribe created the category and continues leading the way with the most reliable and secure AI models.
Flexible deployment
Get going immediately with our no-code web app or integrate our API in record time to automate workflows.
Customer-first approach
Customers are always our priority! You can count on us to be your most reliable and helpful vendor partner.
Industry expertise
Inscribe has experience working with some of the best property management companies in the industry.

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