Decrease evictions & boost turnaround times

Decrease evictions by detecting fraud in tenant application documents, like bank statements and pay stubs, and reduce turnaround times with AI-powered income verification.

return on investment during the trial period.
of documents flagged as fraudulent in a trial period.
12 second
income verification time.
“With Inscribe, we can catch fraudulent applications, save our team a lot of work, and reduce evictions. Our regional managers consider it essential.”
Katisha Kersey
Director of Administration


Fake pay stub templates detected increased by 512% in 2023

Why use Inscribe?

Verify applicant income in seconds

Less than 10% of document fraud is visible to the human eye, making it nearly impossible to know if income and employment details in applicant documents are legitimate. With Inscribe, you’ll know with certainty if an applicant’s self-reported income matches their pay stubs or bank statements — all within seconds — so you can focus on approving good-fit tenants right away.

Save time and money on evictions

Evictions have increased by 78% and relying on manual reviews makes it easy for applicants to falsify financial documents. Inscribe will highlight any fraudulent activity found within a document, like if Photoshop was used to edit bank statements or pay stub details. You can even see the differences between the document provided and the document recovered for further proof that the applicant should be rejected. Plus, unlike other platforms, we’ll detect fraud in both PDFs and images.

Increase application success rates

Due to the number of housing options available, your application process must be seamless to acquire new tenants. Inscribe makes automating the document collection process easy with a secure, custom-branded web portal. Applicants can easily drag and drop required documents into Inscribe (fully customized with your branding) or upload live photos of documents taken from their phones. Set rules to ensure the correct documents are shared to keep things moving.

Why choose Inscribe?

AI-powered fraud detection
We created the document fraud detection category and continue leading the way with the most reliable and secure AI models in the industry.
Easy to get started right away
Get going immediately with our no-code web app and customizable document collection portal, or integrate our API in record time.
Customer-first approach
Customers are always our top priority! You can count on us to be your most reliable, responsive, and innovative vendor partner.
Industry experience
We have experience working with some of the best property management companies in the industry, like GSC.
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