Decrease application reviews & verify details in seconds

Streamline the most tedious parts of your onboarding processes and maintain KYB/KYC/AML compliance with document fraud detection, classification, and name and address verification.

response rate to document requests
30 minutes
of admin time saved on every application
reduction in time to onboard new customers
“Inscribe instantly made our onboarding workflow more user-friendly and less manual.”
Amy Quarles
Compliance Manager

Watch out for fake onboarding documents

Unique fake document templates detected increased by nearly 20% in 2023

Why use Inscribe?

Uncover fraud invisible to the human eye

Fraud tactics constantly evolve, making it nearly impossible to spot a fraudulent application document or forgeries within a legitimate document, like adjustments to proof of address or ownership documents. With Inscribe, you’ll know with certainty if a document is fraudulent and why. See exactly where fraudulent alterations were made in a document and get a detailed explanation of any fraud found.

Reduce onboarding turnaround times

Looking to reduce friction in your onboarding processes without increasing risk? Inscribe can streamline the most tedious parts of your KYB/KYC workflows while helping you maintain compliance. Use Inscribe to automatically classify document types, check documents for recency, and verify names, addresses, and business ownership.

Provide smooth customer experiences

Forget about tedious back-and-forth with applicants during the document collection process. Inscribe’s safe and secure document collection portal makes it simple to gather required documentation from your applicants. Easily customize the Inscribe portal with your branding and messaging, and set criteria to ensure the right documents are uploaded the first time.

Why choose Inscribe?

AI-powered fraud detection
We created the document fraud detection category and continue leading the way with the most reliable and secure AI models in the industry.
Easy to get started
Get going immediately with our no-code web app and customizable document collection portal, or integrate our API in record time.
Customer-first approach
Customers are always our top priority! You can count on us to be your most reliable, responsive, and innovative vendor partner.
Experience with market leaders
We have experience working with some of the best market leaders in the industry, like Ramp, Navan, and Plaid.
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