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Meet the industry leaders reducing fraud and credit losses with Inscribe 

From digital banking and payments to corporate credit cards and consumer lending, these companies are transforming their document review processes.

General Services Corporation sees 12-second income verification times and 161% ROI

“Our most seasoned leasing consultants were saying something just doesn't feel right with some bank statements and pay stubs, but they had no way to verify it. With Inscribe, we can catch fraudulent applications, save our team a lot of work, and reduce evictions by ensuring that people meet the criteria at the time of application.”

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Ramp reduced application processing times by 30 minutes and saved $300K in fraud with improved accuracy

“Inscribe has become a key component in our fraud ecosystem. The tool is highly effective at identifying fraudulent documents and it gives us a high level of confidence that fraud isn’t going to happen. The cost-benefit is clear.”

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