Instant trust
for financial services

Inscribe was founded in 2017 by co-founders Conor and Ronan Burke. After experiencing and witnessing the challenge of manual reviews and large operations teams in a national bank and Bay Area fintechs, they set out to address these challenges using AI.

Our goals

rate of fraud
that exists in financial services, the proceeds of which are often used to fund criminal activities. 
of financial services so more thin-file, unbanked, credit-invisible, and otherwise worthy customers can access financial services.
Increase efficiency
of banks and fintechs so they can deliver more cost-effective products and services, and an improved customer experience. 
Mass adoption of AI
in financial services, so they can achieve the full potential of the dream of digital transformation that they were promised.

Company values

Cherish Customers
Our customers are the oxygen of our company. They are the people we work tirelessly for every day.
Operate with Urgency
As a startup, we take advantage of our nimbleness to build fast and distribute effectively.
Work as One Team
Though our team members are spread around the world and work in many different disciplines, we are one team working towards a common mission.


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