Make fast decisions without increasing risk

Reduce loan defaults with AI-powered document fraud detection and make fast consumer lending decisions with insights based on an applicant's bank data.

Customer Story

documents accurately analyzed for fraud in seconds.
saved from accurately detecting fraudulent loan application documents in six months.
reduction in application response time.
“Inscribe has enabled us to grow our business because we trust it to defend us against fraudsters. We would not have been able to expand without it.”
Sara Vozeolas
Sr. Operations Analyst

Watch out for first-party fraud

60% of fraudulent personal loan applications include alterations to financial details

Why use Inscribe?

Uncover first- and third-party document fraud invisible to the human eye

Fraud tactics constantly evolve, making it nearly impossible to spot a fraudulent application document or forgeries within a legitimate document, like adjustments to pay stub amounts or bank statement balances. With Inscribe, you’ll know with certainty if a document is fraudulent and why. See exactly where fraudulent alterations were made in a document and get a detailed explanation of any fraud found

Verify borrower income and employment in seconds

90% of document fraud is invisible to the human eye, making it nearly impossible to know if income in application documents is legitimate. With Inscribe, you’ll know with certainty if a borrower’s self-reported income matches their pay stubs or bank statements — all within seconds — so you can focus on approving good-fit borrowers.

Make fairer lending decisions with a more holistic view of financial health

Millions of Americans are considered thin file or credit invisible, which means relying on traditional checks limits opportunities for deserving borrowers. With Inscribe, you get financial health insights based on multiple data sources, including pay stubs, bank statements, and open banking connections, so you can approve customers you may have previously overlooked.

Why choose Inscribe?

AI-powered fraud detection
We created the document fraud detection category and continue leading the way with the most reliable and secure AI models in the industry.
Easy to get started right away
Get going immediately with our no-code web app and customizable document collection portal, or integrate our API in record time.
Customer-first approach
Customers are always our top priority! You can count on us to be your most reliable, responsive, and innovative vendor partner.
Experience with consumer lenders
We have experience working with some of the best consumer lenders in the industry, like VIVA Finance, Petal, and Camino Financial to name a few.

Need to automate your onboarding workflows?

In addition to supporting your consumer underwriting workflows, Inscribe can streamline the most tedious parts of your onboarding and KYC processes to help you maintain compliance. Use Inscribe for automated document classification, recency checks, and name and address verification.
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