Decrease losses & make smart decisions

Protect your company from avoidable credit losses with AI-powered document fraud detection and make smart lending decisions with cashflow-based intelligence.

Customer Story

30 minute
reduction in average application processing time.
saved from accurately identifying fraudulent documents.
“Inscribe is a key component in our fraud ecosystem. It’s highly effective and gives us a high level of confidence fraud isn’t going to happen. The cost-benefit is clear.”
Alex De Jesus
Head of Fraud

Watch out for first-party fraud

Nearly 50% of fraudulent SMB loan applications include alterations to financial details

Why use Inscribe?

Reduce application fraud and costly credit losses

Fraud tactics constantly evolve, making it nearly impossible to spot a fraudulent application document or forgeries within a legitimate document, like adjustments to bank statement balances. With Inscribe, you’ll know with certainty if a document is fraudulent and why. See exactly where fraudulent alterations were made in a document and get a detailed explanation of any fraud found.

Make smarter lending decisions with a full picture of borrowers’ financial health

Determining a borrower’s creditworthiness can take days or weeks, and long wait times put you at risk of losing good customers. Inscribe helps your team fast-track their decision-making because you’ll get rich insights into a borrower’s business income, outstanding loans, expenditures, cashflow, and risky transactions using data from bank statements and open banking connections like Plaid and MX.

Ensure your customers remain creditworthy with ongoing checks

Regularly monitoring your existing customers’ financial health is essential to reducing credit losses. Inscribe’s safe and secure document collection portal makes it simple to gather bank statements on an ongoing basis. Easily customize the portal with your branding and messaging, and set criteria to ensure the right documents are uploaded.

Why choose Inscribe?

AI-powered fraud detection
We created the document fraud detection category and continue leading the way with the most reliable and secure AI models in the industry.
Easy to get started
right away
Get going immediately with our no-code web app and customizable document collection portal, or integrate our API in record time.
Customer-first approach
Customers are always our top priority! You can count on us to be your most reliable, responsive, and innovative vendor partner.
Experience with business lenders
We have experience working with some of the best business lenders in the industry, like Ramp, Navan, and Bluevine.

Need to automate your onboarding workflows?

In addition to supporting your business underwriting workflows, Inscribe can streamline the most tedious parts of your onboarding and KYB processes to help you maintain compliance. Use Inscribe for automated document classification, recency checks, and name, address, and ownership verification.
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