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Supercharge your risk and ops teams

Inscribe helps fintechs decrease application processing times while reducing fraud and credit losses — automatically. Stop suffering through manual reviews and subjective decisions. Start saying ‘yes’ to more customers!

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Make faster decisions with confidence

Fraud attempts are often invisible to the human eye — and fraudsters keep getting more creative. Use Inscribe to automatically detect fraud in the documents you receive, and automatically accept or reject applicants based on criteria set by you. With specific examples of what’s been forged in a document, you can justify every ‘yes’ and ‘no’ decision.

Document fraud detection signals in the Inscribe web appAutomatically parse, classify, and verify documents with Inscribe

Kill the manual review process

Save time and resources by automating your team’s most tedious tasks. Let Inscribe automate parsing, classification, and data matching on application documents via our easy-to-implement API. This makes it simple to streamline your account opening or underwriting processes, and ensures you remain compliant.


Increase application success rates

Minimize back-and-forth with customers and reduce your risk exposure. Collect provides a secure and encrypted portal for your customers to upload and share their documents. It even ensures that the correct documents are submitted. Once documents have been uploaded, you’ll receive an alert so you can keep things moving quickly.

Document collection features that give customers an easy way to share sensitive documentsCredit Analysis gives you more data points outside of credit scores

See beyond the credit score

Accept more creditworthy customers outside of traditional methods by using a wider array of data points to understand the potential risk. Credit Analysis gives you alternative insights into money management, including non-sufficient funds activity, overdraft events, and so much more.


Choose a solution you can trust

With premium security features and compliance certifications such as SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001, we put your security and privacy first.

Inscribe is SOC 2 Type 2 Certified and ISO 27001 Certified

Deployment options that fit your needs

No-code web UI

Dig into the details of what’s been flagged as fraudulent and why using our no-code and easy-to-navigate Web UI. You can also use the Web UI to send Collect requests for documents.

Easy-to-use API

Why build it when you can integrate our easy-to-implement API to automate document reviews and add fraud detection, Collect, and Credit Analysis to your existing processes and systems.

Streamline KYC and KYB onboarding workflows

Automate proof of address and business ownership document reviews. Use Inscribe in parallel with your identity verification solution and benefit from a fully automated onboarding process.
Account Opening

Streamline underwriting workflows

Automate proof of income and asset document reviews. With Inscribe, you can provide faster turnaround times to your customers for superior experiences, while reducing fraud and identifying credit risks.

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Automate manual processes, improve fraud detection, and start approving more customers with confidence.

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