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Supercharge your risk and ops teams

Inscribe helps fintechs decrease application processing times while reducing fraud and credit losses — automatically. Stop suffering through manual reviews and subjective decisions. Start saying ‘yes’ to more customers!

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Deployment options that fit your needs

No-code web UI

Dig into the details of what’s been flagged as fraudulent and why using our no-code and easy-to-navigate Web UI. You can also use the Web UI to send Collect requests for documents.

Easy-to-use API

Why build it when you can integrate our easy-to-implement API to automate document reviews and add fraud detection, Collect, and Credit Analysis to your existing processes and systems.

Streamline KYC and KYB onboarding workflows

Automate proof of address and business ownership document reviews. Use Inscribe in parallel with your identity verification solution and benefit from a fully automated onboarding process.
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Streamline underwriting workflows

Automate proof of income and asset document reviews. With Inscribe, you can provide faster turnaround times to your customers for superior experiences, while reducing fraud and identifying credit risks.

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Automate manual processes, improve fraud detection, and start approving more customers with confidence.

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