Extract financial details from documents & get a clear financial picture

Once your documents pass Inscribe fraud checks, you can access financial details parsed from bank statements, pay stubs, and more, making it easy to understand how much business you should do with a borrower.

Understanding Credit intelligence

Increase approvals without increasing risk

One bad lending decision can cost your company $100K+ depending on the loan value or credit limit. With Inscribe, you can make smart underwriting decisions with cashflow-based financial health insights from applicant documents and open banking data, like Plaid and MX. This helps you say ‘yes’ more without putting your company at risk.

Why Credit Intelligence?

Make smart and fast decisions with cashflow insights

The future of lending is cashflow underwriting, but it can be extremely time-consuming to manually pull these insights. Inscribe helps your team fast-track their decision-making with access to cashflow-based data and insights, instantly. Consume the raw data parsed from bank statements, pay stubs, and W-2s, or access a summary of your borrower’s revenue or income, expenditures, risky transactions, and more in our easy-to-follow dashboard.

Spot risk patterns with transaction categorization

The most telling signs of risk are buried in the transaction data, but identifying them is tedious, unrewarding work. In seconds, Inscribe parses bank statement transactions, and ingests data from Plaid and MX, then categorizes transactions as salary, revenue, interest received, gambling, NSFs, interest paid, withdrawals, self-transfers, loan repayments, and more so you can understand potential risks. You can easily recategorize transactions as needed.

Serve more customers using alternative data

Over 62 million Americans are thin file or have no credit history, so relying on traditional checks limits opportunities for deserving borrowers. Because Inscribe provides insights based on the most up-to-date data sources, you can approve customers you may have overlooked. And because you’re relying on the same data for everyone, you can reduce bias and ensure fairness.

Ways to use Inscribe 

Process documents automatically with our easy-to-implement API.
Web App
Manually upload documents to the Inscribe web app.
Collect documents directly from your customer with our secure portal. 
“Inscribe saves us time, and enables us to make better credit decisions.”
“Inscribe’s been key to automating the application review process.”
“We’ve been able to reduce loan decision turnaround times by 50%.”


What is Credit Intelligence?
Inscribe’s Credit Intelligence uses data from bank statements, pay stubs, Plaid, and MX to surface financial health insights for a given borrower (whether they’re a business or consumer/individual) outside of traditional credit bureau data. This helps lenders make informed decisions based on information that represents the true financial situation of the borrower. It also helps lenders make faster decisions because they don’t have to manually review data in bank statements to spot potential risk patterns. The insights are served up to them in seconds. Inscribe also parses bank statement transactions, and data from pay stubs, W-2s, and checks, and provide you with the raw data.
What types of credit analysis does Inscribe’s Credit Intelligence provide?
Our Credit Intelligence product provides insights into a borrower’s business or personal income, outstanding loans, expenditures, cashflow, and risky transactions. For example, you can easily see if a business paying back loans and what their total loan repayments are. Or if you’re lending to consumers/individuals, you can quickly spot risky transactions like the number of non-sufficient funds or gambling spend. These insights can be accessed via a dashboard or can be delivered via API.
What are some benefits of using a Credit Intelligence tool?
Some of the benefits of using Inscribe’s Credit Intelligence solution include increased speed during underwriting, reduced human error, and the potential to increase customers because underwriters have access to a wider range of data sources to get a more holistic customer view. Most importantly, Inscribe’s Credit Intelligence can reduce bias and increase fairness because it relies on transaction data that are always up to date versus credit bureau data which can be several months out of date and ignores key indicators of sound financial behavior (doesn’t take into account regular rental payments a consumer might be making for example). Bureau data is also heavily influenced by whether or not you have existing credit products, so borrowers who don't have a credit card or loan, will have a thin file or bad score.
How do you incorporate AI into Credit Intelligence?
Inscribe has always utilized the most sophisticated technology available, including machine learning and LLMs (Large Language Models), since our inception. We work to deliver safe and usable artificial intelligence solutions for financial services that help them make better credit decisions.
How does Inscribe determine credit analysis and financial health insights?
Inscribe looks at bank account (balance and transaction) and pay stub data to determine a borrower’s financial health. Because we don't take into account the name, address, demographics, or previous credit history, we provide you with a fair, up-to-date view of the potential borrower.
What documents does Inscribe rely on to surface credit analysis?
Inscribe supports a variety of documents that are used during underwriting. These include bank statements and pay stubs. Inscribe also ingests data from open banking providers like Plaid and MX.
Is Inscribe’s Credit Intelligence solution scalable for businesses of different sizes?
Yes, our Credit Intelligence software is scalable and can be customized to fit the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.
Can Inscribe’s Credit Intelligence software be used in different industries?
Inscribe’s Credit Intelligence product can be used in a variety of industries, including banking, property management, finance, and more. It can be customized to fit specific industry requirements and compliance standards. And, you can rest assured that we’re committed to providing a product that upholds your standards for ethical lending.
Can Inscribe’s Credit Intelligence verify income?
Inscribe compares the income reported by your applicants against the income identified in bank statements and/or pay stubs to verify income.
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