Identify fraudulent documents. Faster.

Inscribe provides tools to identify fraudulent documents quickly and effectively, helping reduce fraud in companies like yours.

Image forensics for the 21st century.

Using machine learning and image forensics techniques, we have created a system capable of detecting forgeries that would otherwise go unnoticed. By using Inscribe's software you will reduce fraud, decrease decision making turnaround times, and be sure that your business is adequately protected and prepared for future threats.


Ensure supporting documents such as bank statements, tax forms, employer offer letters and invoices etc. have not been tampered with before approving a loan or line of credit.

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Ensure supporting documents such as invoices, medical notes, damage assessments etc. have not beeen tampered with before paying out a claim.

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Spread of digital forgeries

New photo-editing tools are making it easier for anyone to forge a document or manipulate an image.

Trusting digital documents and images

Inscribe makes it easy to trust digital images and documents again. If you use documents or images to make business decisions, use Inscribe to give you an answer you can have confidence in.

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