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A robust and scalable solution for verifying the authenticity of images, videos and documents.
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Introducing Inscribe

A source of truth

The rise of digital editing software and advances in AI-enabled tools are leading to a future where anyone can create convincing fake images, videos and documents. This fake content is being used maliciously to spread disinformation, defraud companies, and defame people for economic or political gain.

At Inscribe, we want to be a source of truth that organizations can depend on to verify the authenticity of their images, videos and documents.

Social Media & Content Platforms

Prevent banned or illegal content, such as photo-shopped images and fake videos, from appearing and circulating on your platforms.

News Agencies & Publishers

Verify the integrity of your images and videos before distributing or publishing, to prevent the spread of disinformation.

Insurance, Legal & Financial Services

Ensure evidence or supporting documents are legitimate before paying out an insurance claim, giving a verdict, or approving a loan.

Facial Recognition & Autonomous Vehicles

Protect the integrity of your security- or safety-critical products from misclassifications caused by adversarial inputs.

How it Works


Send Data

Send your images, videos or documents to us with a simple API call or via our dashboard.


Receive Response

We authenticate the integrity of your images, videos or documents using a series of manual and automated checks and return the result.

content manipulation

Towards an AI-dominated future

Traditional Tools

For the past number of years, traditional editing software has been used to manipulate images, videos and documents for malicious purposes.

To detect this type of manipulated content we use traditional digital forensics techniques in addition to machine learning algorithms.

Source: ThoughtCo

Source: ObamaNet

AI-Based Tools

Machine learning has recently made it increasingly easy and effective to create highly-realistic fake content.

To detect AI-manipulated content we use machine learning algorithms to detect the fingerprints left behind by the manipulation process.

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