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The 61 most promising fintechs changing the world of banking

“Too often a financial institution or fintech must task a person with reviewing documents or a complex data pattern or be faced with risk of loss. The result is added processing expense, latency (which leads to bad experiences for good customers), and often costly...”

September 20, 2022
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5 Ways To Look Beyond Your Credit Score To Build Financial Stability

“Examples of alternative credit data include pay stubs, transaction patterns, and cash flow. You don’t need active credit accounts to generate this information. If your lender works with a company like Inscribe that provides alternative credit data analysis, you need to provide...”

November 2, 2022

Your AI Injection: Fraud detection with Conor Burke

“The financial industry has changed dramatically over the last few decades thanks to developments in technology, providing us with modern conveniences like online banking. Now, AI provides the potential for even more innovation and security through services...”

September 15, 2022

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