Inscribe partners with Lendflow for AI-powered finance fraud detection

June 15, 2022

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  • Stephanie Spangler
    Head of Product Marketing, Inscribe

At Inscribe, we help fintechs and financial institutions say ‘yes’ to more customers while keeping fraudsters out.

It's part of our mission to create a fair and efficient financial services ecosystem. We're also enabling those businesses to put an end to manual document reviews: an inefficient process that prevents them from providing exceptional customer experiences during their onboarding and underwriting processes.

That’s why today we’re announcing a strategic new partnership with Lendflow. Their team is democratizing access to credit by enabling every company to provide seamless financial experiences to their customers. And that's a mission we can get behind. 

Lendflow’s embedded credit infrastructure enables fintechs, lenders, and vertical SaaS platforms to build, embed and launch credit products in days, not months. This partnership will bring Inscribe’s AI-powered fraud detection and intelligent document automation to Lendflow’s customer base.

Any documents (bank statements, tax forms, etc.) submitted via Lendflow as part of the application or credit approval process will now have Inscribe automatically detect fraud that’s invisible to the human eye within seconds, as well as parse, classify, and match data — all using the power of artificial intelligence. 

While 10% of all financial application documents submitted via an online channel have been manipulated, our fraud detectors catch over $80M each month. Lendflow’s decision to partner with Inscribe demonstrates a true commitment to helping their customers launch and scale faster; automating document reviews and improving fraud detection has been proven to increase efficiency and reduce operational costs

We’re proud to partner with a company of such a high caliber and enable even more people to benefit from best-in-class fraud detection and document automation via an embedded platform like Lendflow.  

Together, we can turn our mission of a fair and efficient financial services ecosystem into a reality. Want to test drive Inscribe’s leading Fraud Detection and Automation platform? Simply reach out to speak with one of our experts

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