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At Inscribe, we work hand-in-hand with fintechs, banks, and lenders to deploy reliable, safe, and scalable Agents and Models. We’ll ensure you're taking the right steps to benefit from the potential of AI.


Our Vision

Risk teams who adopt AI unlock superhuman abilities

Our world is changing. The use of LLMs to provide general intelligence has become mainstream and there is tremendous opportunity for risk teams who adopt them. But a generalized LLM doesn’t have the domain-specific data or access to specialized machine learning models to be effective for risk teams. That’s why we’ve combined our state-of-the-art Risk Models with LLMs to create AI teammates.


Human Agents


Human + AI Agents


Use our Risk Models or deploy an AI Risk Agent to use them for you

Pre-trained AI Risk Agents

Our pre-trained AI Risk Agents autonomously perform routine tasks for onboarding and underwriting — working alongside your team to increase their outputs. There are limitless ways to use these AI teammates, and we’ll work with you to determine where to start.

State-of-the-art Models

If you’re not quite ready to get started with AI Risk Agents, you can use our state-of-the-art machine learning models to detect invisible document fraud and get cashflow insights for better, faster risk decisions.


Inscribe comes back with a response in under 30 seconds, moving applications a lot faster.

Rohan Sriram
Product Manager

The ROI is huge and our investment has quickly paid off.

Alex De Jesus
Head of Fraud

Inscribe's a great tool for anyone in financial services. The platform pays for itself.

Rajat Bhatia
Sr. Director & Head of Risk

Getting Started

Your AI journey starts here

86% of risk leaders plan to use LLMs, but many don’t know where to start. That’s where we come in. Whether you’re just getting started with your AI journey or are looking to leverage the latest AI and ML advancements, Inscribe can help.



Identify the manual workflows in your team that are ripe for automation.


Collaborate with us to design AI-driven solutions that automate these tasks.


Implement these solutions into production to enhance your team's efficiency.

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