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Fraud predictions for 2024

Fraud prevention is a cat-and-mouse game. And fraudsters are keen to capitalize on the complexity of an increasingly digital, geographically diverse, and faster world. That means quickly and accurately detecting, inspecting, and preventing fraud is one of the biggest success factors for financial institutions today. 

Companies that are able to accurately assess risk don’t just lower instances of fraud and contain damages – they can also onboard more credible and creditworthy clients faster. But how can anti-fraud professionals stay ahead of evolving fraud trends and tactics? This panel will share new data and insights about prevalent fraud trends, as well as strategies for identifying emerging fraud tactics and expert advice for continually outsmarting fraudsters.

  • Andrew Bernard

    Senior Product Manager

  • Maria Pukhovskaya

    Senior Manager, Threat Intelligence

  • Michael Coomer

    Manager, Fraud Management

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