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There’s a better way to approve more customers

Tired of tedious document reviews that add friction to your processes? Not only is there a better way, but fast-growing fintechs with the best digital customer experiences already know this. With Inscribe, you can decrease application processing times while reducing fraud loss — automatically.

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Leave subjective decisions behind

Your team doesn’t have to suffer through time-consuming document reviews to verify details and look for signs of fraud. Let Inscribe automate the review process so you can make fast, informed decisions with confidence.

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Account Opening

SMB Lending

Personal Lending


Auto Loans



Tenant Screening

Claims Processing

Debt Verification & Spending Habits

Expense Reports

Income Verification


PO Processing

Tax Forms

Invoice Processing

Millions of data points, countless possibilities

Customers across various use cases and industries have processed millions of data points through Inscribe. This significant amount of intelligence means Inscribe’s exceeding what’s possible in other fraud and automation tools, giving you access to the most powerful platform in the industry.

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