Approve loan and credit applications quickly

By streamlining the most tedious parts of underwriting workflows, Inscribe saves teams like yours 200+ hours per week without increasing risk exposure.

Manual reviews are killing your competitive edge

Worried that another tool will only make it more difficult to do your job? Not Inscribe. Our platform decreases the time from initial application to approval, making your day smoother and your customer’s experience superior to any alternatives; a win-win!

Here’s how Inscribe streamlines steps in your workflow
Document collection

Collect proof of identity or income documents seamlessly with Inscribe’s secure portal.

Data digitization

Let Inscribe do the tedious work of classifying, parsing, and matching names and addresses when additional info is needed.

Fraud detection

Understand if a document is fraudulent within seconds and know exactly what’s been altered.

Credit insights

Add intelligence to your existing credit checks with alternative insights into money management, so you can widen your net.

Automatic decisioning

Auto-accept, auto-reject, or get notified when to review documents and make clear, fact-based decisions.

Is Inscribe right for your team?

Fraud, Risk, & Operations

Get through that backlog faster, without having to add additional headcount to your teams or additional risk to your processes. Empower your team to process applications faster than before without sacrificing quality.

Product & Engineering

Why spend the time building a solution when you can get up and running with our proven and easy-to-implement API in minutes? Optimize tedious KYC / KYB processes with Inscribe and re-prioritize your limited engineering resources.

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See how you can automate manual document reviews, improve fraud detection, and start approving more customers with confidence.

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