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Built with purpose for fraud-fighting teams

We’ve combined the power of AI with the world’s largest and most diverse network of documents in order to make invisible fraud signals, visible — and catch more than $80M in fraud each month. Plus, our machine learning models continue to evolve by processing millions of documents each month. So when new fraud tactics emerge, Inscribe knows about them first. 

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The leading Fraud Detection & Automation Platform trusted by fast-growing fintechs

There’s an easier (and faster) way to detect document fraud

Hard way

Rely on educated guesses to identify manipulated documents. 

Struggle to support a fast pace with a large backlog.

Make customers wait hours, days, or even weeks for application approvals.

Inscribe way

Eliminate decision uncertainty and protect your business from losses. 

Automate manual reviews because fraud results are returned in 10-15 seconds.

Provide fast, frictionless experiences that set you apart from your competition.

A message from our CEO & Co-Founder

Getting approved for a simple checking account or business credit card can be quite a long process, resulting in a poor customer experience. We created Inscribe to alleviate this problem and help fintechs do business online at a massive scale and with a diverse, global customer base. Inscribe helps prioritize ways of determining customer trustworthiness that keep fraudsters out and let legitimate, deserving customers in. We're on a mission to create a fair and efficient financial services ecosystem, and I hope you'll join us.”

Ronan Burke
CEO & Co-Founder, Inscribe

Three reasons Inscribe outperforms other solutions


Fraud detection is in our DNA

It’s where our focus began and we’ve spent years perfecting our machine learning models — and they keep evolving. Because we got here first, you can trust that our models will remain the best and most reliable in the industry.


No strangers in the loop, ever

Automating document reviews is safer and faster when the only human in the loop is you and your team. Inscribe uses AI models trained on millions of data points (instead of outsourced strangers) to return results in seconds.


Your opinion really matters

Last, but not least, customers are at the heart of everything we do. While many companies say it, we live it every day. You’ll work closely with our customer success and product teams to share your opinions and see how we’re taking action.

Account opening, underwriting, and everything in between — Inscribe fits a variety of use cases

Account opening

Automate proof of address and business ownership document reviews to onboard customers faster than ever.

“With Inscribe, we instantly made our onboarding workflow a lot more user-friendly and a lot less manual.”

Amy Quarles
Compliance Manager


Automate proof of income and asset document reviews to approve loan and credit applications quickly.

“When a document comes through and Inscribe says that it's trustworthy, I am able to use that data to say with a high level of confidence that we can lend to that applicant.”

Sara Vozeolas
Sr. Operations Analyst

Everything you need to approve more customers

AI-powered fraud detection

Minimize fraud & credit losses. Catch document fraud invisible to the human eye and know precisely how a document’s been altered.

Intelligent document automation

Kill the manual review process. Save time and resources by automating document parsing, classification, and data matching.

Painless document collection

Increase application success rates. Minimize back-and-forth with applicants and remove friction from your existing document request process.

Alternative credit insights

See the full picture of your applicant’s risk profile. Drive rapid growth and make lending more inclusive with new ways to understand financial health.

Enterprise-ready security & privacy

Rest-easy, your data is safe with Inscribe. With premium security features and compliance certifications, Inscribe puts privacy first.

Flexible deployment options mean you go live ASAP

No-code web UI

Deploy immediately and start using our fraud detection solution right away.

Easy-to-use API

Integrate our API into your existing processes and systems in record time.

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