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Join industry-leading fintechs that use Inscribe to detect fraud, automate processes, and better understand customer creditworthiness.

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Trusted by leading risk and operations teams

Reduce fraud loss

With $80M+ in fraud caught per month, Inscribe helps you catch fraud that’s not visible to the human eye.

Increase decision accuracy

Improve application success rates and provide customers with data-backed application decisions you can trust.

Automate manual reviews

Improve your customer experience with a 10X reduction in application review times.

“Inscribe is an essential part of our fraud stack. Without Inscribe, our fraud operations team would need to make judgment calls on each document.”

Grace Gallagher
Fraud Manager, Petal

“The tool is so fast and simple to use that it enables Amount to augment our normal processes and detect fraud much more efficiently.”

John Lynch
Senior Director of Fraud & Verification Services, Amount

Supercharge your risk and operations teams

AI-powered fraud detection

Supercharge your manual review team to detect more fraudulent documents.

Intelligent document automation

Use Inscribe’s API to seamlessly integrate into your team’s workflow and current tech stack.

Painless document collection

Increase your application success rate by giving your customers a safe and easy way to upload and submit documents.

Actionable insights and analysis

Better understand your customers’ creditworthiness and make data-driven decisions with AI-powered insights.

Enterprise-ready security & privacy

With premium security features and compliance certifications SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001, we put security and privacy first.

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