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Inscribe is the leading Fraud Detection & Automation Platform that automates manual document reviews so you can say ‘yes’ to more customers.

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Why Inscribe

Reduce fraud loss

With $80M+ in fraud caught per month, Inscribe helps you catch fraud that’s not visible to the human eye.

Increase decision accuracy

Improve application success rates, and justify every ‘yes’ and ‘no’ decision with clear data points you can trust.

Automate manual reviews

With instant application approvals, Inscribe ensures you don’t lose customers due to slow turnaround times.

Streamline KYC and KYB onboarding workflows

Automate proof of address and business ownership document reviews. Use Inscribe in parallel with your identity verification solution and benefit from a fully automated onboarding process.
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Streamline underwriting workflows

Automate proof of income and asset document reviews. With Inscribe, you can provide faster turnaround times to your customers for superior experiences, while reducing fraud and identifying credit risks.

Supercharge your risk and ops teams

AI-powered fraud detection

Give your team the tools they need to detect fraudulent documents.

Intelligent document automation

Integrate our API to automate parsing, classification, and data matching on documents.

Painless document collection

Provide a safe and easy way for customers to submit sensitive documents.

Actionable insights & analysis

Understand customer creditworthiness with alternative insights and make data-driven decisions.

Enterprise-ready security & privacy

With premium security features and compliance certifications, including SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001, Inscribe puts security and privacy first.

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An award-winning company in fraud and risk management

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What makes Inscribe different?

We believe automating document reviews is safer and faster when the only person in the loop is you. Inscribe uses AI models trained on millions of data points (instead of outsourced strangers) to return results in seconds, provide fraud insights that could never be detected with the human eye, and keep sensitive data safe.

“Inscribe is an essential part of our fraud stack. Without Inscribe, our fraud operations team would need to make judgment calls on each document.”

Grace Gallagher • Fraud Manager

“The tool is so fast and simple to use that it enables Amount to augment our normal processes and detect fraud much more efficiently.”

John Lynch • Senior Director of Fraud & Verification Services

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