Document Forensics

All the tools you need in one place to verify the authenticity of your documents.

Image Forensics

Powerful image forensics methods to unearth the evidence needed to detect forgeries.

Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms trained to automate the decision making process.

Data Network

Benefit from the knowledge of fraudulent documents detected across our network of users.

We help lenders and insurers reduce fraud

We provide fraud and risk teams with the tools to automate their document authentication workflow.

Bank Statements

Bank statements can be edited to show false totals, sources, and figures as a proof of revenue.


Personal identification documents can be manipulated to represent a false identity.


Visually realistic certificates can be recreated or modified and used as evidence.


Business names, quantities, and totals on invoices can be easily edited to misrepresent a business transaction.

All-In-One Platform

Powerful image forensics combined with machine learning, delivered in an intuitive interface designed for speed and accuracy.

Metadata Analysis

Searches for irregularities such as dates, location, and editing software.

Color/Font Discrepancy

Checks coloring of background and fonts for abnormalities.

JPEG Ghost Analysis

Identifies if an image has inconsistent compression levels.


Checks if parts of an image were copied and moved.

Template Comparison

Compares documents against database of expected templates.

Content Analysis

Analyzes the content of documents to check for mistakes.


Reduce fraud, save time, happier teams.

Faster Decisions

Faster decisions in the underwriting process is a competitive advantage, Inscribe is 3x faster than manual authentication.

Increased Accuracy

Detect more fraudulent documents with our state-of-the-art and continuously updated image forensics methods.

Happier Teams

With the right tools for the job, not only will your analysts be more productive, they will save time and be happier.

I am ready to start reducing fraud with inscribe.