Protecting computer and human vision from manipulated content.

Computer Vision

Use the Inscribe API in your facial recognition systems, autonomous vehicles or content filters to defend against attacks on your computer vision.

Human Vision

Use the Inscribe API to detect manipulated images in insurance claims, to detect banned content or to verify content before publication.

Using Inscribe

Integrate using a Python package and receive results in JSON format.

import inscribeai
inscribe = inscribeai.Client("API_KEY")
image = “”
additional_info = {
   “user”: “id”,
   “timestamp”: “time”,
   “country”: “country”
inscribe.detect(image, additional_info)
   "adversary": {
      "fgsm": "0.8",
      "cw2": "0.1",
      "jsma": "0.002"
   "user": "attacker"