An API that identifies and detects the use of adversarial inputs.

Identify Vulnerabilities

Use Inscribe to discover weaknesses in your systems, so you can proactively protect your algorithms and training data pipeline.


Defend Against Attacks

Use the Inscribe API to defend against attacks. The API uses a series of detection methods to score the likelihood of an adversary.


Using Inscribe

Integrate using a Python package and receive results in JSON format.

import inscribeai
inscribe = inscribeai.Client("API_KEY")
image = “”
additional_info = {
   “user”: “id”,
   “timestamp”: “time”,
   “country”: “country”
inscribe.detect(image, additional_info)
   "adversary": {
      "fgsm": "0.8",
      "cw2": "0.1",
      "jsma": "0.002"
   "user": "attacker"