Onboard customers faster than ever before

By streamlining the most tedious parts of your account opening process, Inscribe increases application reviews by 10x.

Facts you can prove
Proof of ownership
Proof of address
Proof of identity
Proof of income
Proof of employment
Docs you can use
Bank statements
Utility bills
Pay stubs
ID documents
Tax statements and so much more!

How Inscribe works

Oftentimes you need to go beyond standard IDV checks when details can’t be confirmed or the applicant seems suspicious. Inscribe not only provides secondary IDV checks but can automate other account opening steps.

Identity verification

Conduct initial identity verification checks with your IDV platform and use Inscribe to review documents that are flagged or need extra attention.

Document collection

Collect any additional proof of identity or ownership documents during onboarding with Inscribe’s secure portal.

Fraud detection

Understand if a document is fraudulent within seconds and know exactly what’s been altered.

Data extraction & digitization

Let Inscribe do the tedious work of classifying document types, parsing key details, and verifying names and addresses.

Automatic decisioning

Auto-accept, auto-reject, or get notified when to manually review documents and make clear, fact-based decisions.

Ready to get started?

See how you can automate manual document reviews, improve fraud detection, and start approving more customers with confidence.

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